Kerim Hudson
Posted on 20th September 2014 by Kerim on Psychology

What is Free Will?

The idea of free will, of conscious thought and control, has often been an undisputed understanding of Psychology. However, recent research starting in the 1980’s began to challenge the idea of Free Will. This has begun to lead people to wonder: Do we actually have control over our thoughts? However, this question is harder to […]

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Social Loafing

The term Social Loafing refers to the tendency for individuals to input less effort when placed in a group working collectively, than when working on a task individually. This was first researched by Ringelmann (1913) whereby he asked individuals to lift a weight using a pulley system, and then in pairs, in groups of three, and in […]

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You called?

Selective hearing, or the ‘cocktail party’ effect as it is most commonly known, is a phenomena most people are familiar with. It is given this title due to the easiest analogy to explain it: Imagine you are at a cocktail party in a busy crowd. There are people chatting all around you, the sound of […]