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Social Loafing

The term Social Loafing refers to the tendency for individuals to input less effort when placed in a group working collectively, than when working on a task individually. This was first researched by Ringelmann (1913) whereby he asked individuals to lift a weight using a pulley system, and then in pairs, in groups of three, and in […]

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You called?

Selective hearing, or the ‘cocktail party’ effect as it is most commonly known, is a phenomena most people are familiar with. It is given this title due to the easiest analogy to explain it: Imagine you are at a cocktail party in a busy crowd. There are people chatting all around you, the sound of […]

Posted on 13th September 2014 by Kerim on Qualms of Life

The Anxiety Cocktail

A friend of mine sent me a little test from Buzzfeed this morning, supposedly answering you whether or not you’re an introvert. Now I don’t really take these things too seriously, but it got me thinking about something which happened last week. For those interested, apparently I’m an ambivert; a mixture of both introverted and extroverted […]

Posted on 13th August 2014 by Kerim on Psychology

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

The saying  “My life flashed before my eyes” is a saying common to all of us, however is there really any truth behind it? It has been found that there are 8 million reports of Near Death Experiences every year, the majority of which reported from America. Also, one in five critically ill patients report […]